What sets “On the edge” apart from the rest?

Yes, the rumor is true - “WE ONLY HAVE ONE PACKAGE.” This package is VERY comprehensive and our clients LOVE how simple it is. We DO NOT charge a sitting fee and we DO NOT charge extra for prints. Our team includes very diverse and creative photographers who are easy to work and do business with. The photo sessions are often fun, relaxed, memorable and usually something that our clients remember and talk about for a very long time.

As the last 3 lines in our Mission Statement reads, this is what we live by with every job:

  • Work Hard
  • Play Hard
  • Hold No Grudges

So your company really donates $100.00 to my school?

Yes, this is true. We donate $100.00 from every senior picture session back to the student’s  high school. There are always a variety of underfunded programs in every school that need additional funding. We feel that this is the least we could do to encourage proper “paying it forward.”

What should I wear?

No matter what - “BE COMFORTABLE.” When a student wears clothing that is not truly comfortable and fitting to them, IT CLEARLY SHOWS IN THE PICTURES.

We suggest two to three changes of clothes. Statistically, students pick the first one or two items they put on, almost every time. We suggest solid colors or small tight patterns. Try to stay away from colors that are extremely bright or reflective for obvious reasons. We will gladly go over your clothing, apparel  and accessory choices with you before leaving the studio. And if you wish to include a prop -  (i.e. - golf clubs, a basketball, guitar, motorcycle, etc), simply let us know and we will arrange for what will best incorporate this as well.

What about the acne on my face?

Join the club. This is very common and “in most cases” is not too much of an issue. In post production, we go through the “selected choices” on your template and do “usual and customary” clean up, as long as the client has approved this. We do not do this to every image as it is very time consuming and we concentrate on the ones which you have chosen for printing. If a client has skin or other issues that require additional digital manipulation, we will give a rough estimate for this prior to the end of the session. (yes, end of session. It sometimes takes a little while to see if this is going to be an issue).

Where are the pictures going to be taken?

Back in mom and dad’s day, senior pictures were almost always taken “in studio” with your choice of numerous fake backdrops. We only get requests for this less than 1% of the time today. Since we live in the great Northwest, there are literally hundreds of wonderful and scenic areas that are absolutely beautiful, most within 30 minutes of our studio. We commonly have a short meeting to determine what best fits the student and is to their (and yes, mom and dad's) liking. Some of the areas that receive the most frequent requests are:

Riverfront Park - Bowl and Pitcher - Spokane River - The Palouse - Downtown Alleys - Railroad tracks - The Lake - Graffiti Walls - Rock Climbing Walls - Manito Park - Wheat Fields - In Kayaks or Canoes - On the bridge - Duncan Gardens - And many, many more . . .

Can I bring someone to the photo session?

Absolutely. We always encourage this, especially if the student and/or parents wish to partake, or are more comfortable with this. And if you want a couple of shots with that person, we can easily do this at no additional charge as well. Keep in mind however, if they distract you, the session can take longer than expected, or not have the most natural, authentic and desired look.

Besides . . . we probably will need help lugging our gear around. (kidding of course)

What about my yearbook photo?

This is included with every session we do. Once you choose which image you wish for this, simply send us the “submission details” for your particular school and we’ll take care of the rest. Keep in mind that most schools still require a “VERTICAL” image for the yearbook picture. Please check with your school if you wish to have your image horizontal, to make 100% sure that this is allowed for your school. (we don’t want the school to take the horizontal image you chose and crop it vertically without your knowledge) MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT THOROUGHLY!!!

My friend has a really nice camera. Should I have him (or her) take my photos?

Obviously, part of this decision may have to do with finances. If this is not the issue, we almost always recommend against this. Remember . . . this is a “once in a lifetime” occurrence that an image from, will be in everyone’s yearbook forever. Your friend may have a nice camera, and he (or she) may have produced work you have seen and liked, but there are many, many other factors to consider. We recommend to let the professionals who do this every day under all sorts of conditions, perform the task. The last thing you want, is to regret making this decision and have an image you are not happy with forever.

What about Facebook photos?

No problem. We always "give our clients" a master disc with both High Resolution and Facebook Ready images, that are safe and easy to use and share.

So after the photo session . . . then what?

We are proud, long-term members of “Pictage”, and can have your images up on-line within days of your photo session. These images have a variety of options for you, including email, Facebook, Twitter, purchase, etc. (Yes, they are available to purchase as well. We do this for your out of town family, friends and relatives who want a few pictures as well, so you don’t have to take them out of “your” package) They are affordable and easy. We ship them right to their door within days of ordering in any size they wish. (Keep in mind, this is NOT for you -yours has been paid for)

Where can we check out more of your company's photography?

Thats easy. We have several places to check out various other photographic work we do. Simply follow any of the links below.